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Accounting software with fast implementation

Fast implementation

Your company can start working with EASI Financials very rapidly! Our implementation cycles are very short!

Easy to use

Easy to use

Our users are very happy about the ease of use of our software. New users are fully operational after a very short learning period!

Time gain in your accounting management

Save time in your accounting

The ease of use of the software, combined with its intelligence and its paperless philosophy, make your teams gain time everyday!

Advanced analytical capabilities

Analyse your activity deeply

The advanced analytical accounting and the automatic reportings allow you to analyse your business in detail.

An entirely digital accounting, without any paper!

Digital management of accounting documents and data recognition with OCR

EASI Financials perfectly adapts to the structure of your company

Taking ofer of existing data

Data retrieval

We have developed a standard tool which allows us to easily convert data from numerous software packages (Microsoft, BOB, Popsy, ...).

Integrate with business software


Our teams dispose of years of experience with integrations of EASI Financials with other software packages (invoicing, CRM, ...).

Methodic accompaniment


Our structured way of guiding our customers, based on years of experience, are your best guarantee for a great implementation cycle.

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